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October in S.F.

[slideshow] The month of October was awesome. The weather was perfect and I got to explore the city a little better. It's worth mentioning some of the images that are in the slideshow. I went to a free "opera in the park" which was an event where the opera (the play Aida) was being broadcasted from AT&T park. I was able to go inside the park for free, and watch the play-but to be honest I was just there to get some interior shots of the stadium. There are some images of paintings, sculptures, etc. from other students that had shows in the Diego Rivera gallery. If you come across one that you like and would like to know more info on it, let me know. In October, I also went to the Polk Street Blues Festival which was really nice to experience. Most importantly, there are some behind the scenes images of photo-shoots. I am getting experience on how to set up scenes and use strobe lighting (amongst other things). This type of stuff is truly exciting for me!!

Also, I got to be a part of my friend's wedding...Congrats Selenne! And yeah, yeah, yeah...the giants won their first world series. I have been documenting the whole thing and I am working on a series examining the relationships that people create with certain spaces. So far I have extensively documented Chinatown, AT&T park, and a BORDERS book store that has closed down....these spaces evoke different feelings in people- which for me, is interesting to explore.