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Home Sweet Home [Apr. 25-May 1]

I went home last minute to visit my grandma who had come to visit from Mexico. I hadn't seen her in about 4 years so it was important that I go see her before she left. When I go home, I eat GOOD.....    


I don't know how I can live away from this!!!

MFA Application Results

It's been awhile since my last post (thanksgiving weekend). I got very caught up with the whole application process for graduate school- which swallowed up my Christmas vacation. I didn't even have time to hang out with friends, previous co-workers, or family. Nonetheless, I knew my portfolio had to get done no matter what and it had to be strong, convincing and full of hard-work. I ended up re-doing my whole portfolio and I am surprised I was able to pull it off and complete it on time. I only applied to two schools: The San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI, the school I am currently in for my post- baccalaureate degree) and The School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC.

After I turned in my applications I was drained. I think it sucked up all my energy and creativity because this spring semester I have been lagging. It was a very emotional process for me-  I had so many nervous breakdowns (the only other time I had breakdowns were 3 years ago during my architectural degree project). Anyway, in the end it was all worth it.

Here are some images of the whole process:



You are probably wondering "so did she get in?" I am happy to say that YES- I did get into both schools! I was beyond ecstatic. The problem was, what school should I choose? When I received the phone call from SVA saying that I got in, I was on the street and I freaked out. I jumped, cried, started to shake, screamed- a bunch of emotions ran through me and it was then that I knew that NYC was really where I want to be. So in the fall of 2011, I will begin the MFA Photography, Video and Related Media program at the School of Visual Arts. I am truly happy that I got into such a competitive program. I'll be leaving SF in June, going back home for the month of July and making the biggest move of my life (thus far) in August. The count down begins.