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One of those days...

I find myself missing home way too often. Today was definitely one of those days when I longed for a familiar face. I went to Chinatown today to continue with my photo series that I have going on there but I felt like I wasn't entirely there. I kept snapping out of daydreams and sometimes I would snap out of them too late because I would realize that I missed a good shot. After I got some shots, I decided to walk back to school and go through little Italy. From there on out, I ran into random cool things in the city that made me forget about my home-sickness. [gallery]

The first image: me on the 30-Stockton, aka "the Dirty 30."

What really put me in a good mood was seeing all the Panetone being displayed in the Italian Cafe storefronts. It reminds me of the holidays.

There is a new mural in the North Beach area in front of Washington Park. Enclosed is a detail of "the beard."

There is a current exhibition at the Diego Rivera Gallery that kinda disturbed me...ok no, it really did disturb me. So much so that I am still thinking about it. Anyway, the 'stairway to heaven' thing is probably the only "pg" friendly thing to post on here.

At school, there is a new mural being worked on, right outside of the cafeteria. I am curious to see the end result tomorrow.

Finally, I worked on the images that I took in Chinatown, and for the most part, I am satisfied with them. I'll probably go back on Saturday though.

The last picture is me on the Dirty 30- Cal Train bound.

Not a bad ending.