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Santa Cruz Weekend

Since my friend Amalia was in town, I decided to tag along with her as she went to visit some friends in Santa Cruz. My experience could be summed up in one word: FOOD. I must've gained 20 lbs. joke! All we did was eat and sleep.

The Raiders stadium as we took the BART to Santa Cruz.

UCSC campus. Tall trees is the one thing I remember from here.

This is round one of food. First off, breakfast at Walnut Cafe. The reason we went there? Late breakfast! We had this at around 1 or 2pm. Right after we walked over to Penny Ice Cream- the ice cream was nothing special (in my opinion), the doughnuts were superb, and the place was cute.

After round one we went back to the apartment and slept. We woke up at around 6 pm and went out for dinner.

Round 2: Little Shanghai.  Above are the before and after pictures of our plates. The wonton soup was to die for!

After dinner we hung out, drank and even though we were beyond stuffed we still ate some brownies, pizza, and chips... all of us cried "why are we eating?" as we stuffed our faces but it just made the night really funny.

For our last day in Santa Cruz we went to a new burger joint called Burger.

They give out mug shots of celebrities as numbers.

The burger above is something that I would never be brave enough to eat. It's called "The Luther" and it is "BACON/AMERICAN CHEESE/GLAZED DONUT BUNS." Yes, you read right, it has doughnuts as burger buns. I had a bite of it and I was not too fond of it but Kim (the brave soul to have this) found it deliciously suiting to her needs.

I opted for a safer burger:

I had Ozzy Osbourne as a number and had "the burger," which is simply that- a burger (buns, meat, lettuce, tomato, and a secret sauce). To be honest, I've had better burgers (in particular Lucky Devils in Hollywood).

To walk off our massively heavy meals we walked around Downtown, which consisted of 3 blocks:

And as if lunch was not enough...we grabbed ice cream at Marianne's Ice Cream

They have a lot of flavors to choose from. It was a bit overwhelming. I had a scoop of the oatmeal raisin cookie dough ice cream.

Of course, after this we went back to the apartment and napped, woke up and headed back to the city via the Cal Train.

Santa Cruz was a good break from the city. I liked being surrounded by nothing but tall trees, rain, and yes food. I think I am good on the food 'till Thanksgiving.

Friend in town!!

My friend Amalia is in town visiting with old friends (she's a UCSC alum) before her departure to NYC to begin Grad school. I am so happy to have a familiar face for awhile! Yesterday we hung out, I showed her the 3rd street studios, met up with more friends later on and had some really good Thai food at this surprisingly affordable place near Union Square (I had the coconut milk soup with chicken and mushrooms. I highly recommend it). Here's our day:

There are some images with my current sky obsession- What's not to love??!!

Amalia on 3rd Street.

While being in Union Square I was reminded that the holidays are indeed here! I am pretty excited. Union Square has been converted into a mini Rockefeller center with a huge X-mas tree being set up along with an ice skating ring. They even have a station where you can write a letter to Santa (there's an image of my good friend Cecilia and Amalia demonstrating how to do that).

After the whole Union Square thing, we headed over to Berkeley for some drinks. It was my first time being there and I liked it. This weekend I am heading over to Santa Cruz with Amalia to visit and meet some more of her friends. Should be fun times.