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I gotta say, today it was a good day...

Today was a very fruitful day! I registered for spring classes and I surprisingly got all the classes I wanted plus a very desirable schedule. I'll only have classes two days out of the week (Mon & Tue...f-yeah!). SO SO SO EXCITED!! Did you know that the speakers from Adobe Photoshop are referred to as "evangelist"? Well they are and one of them came to speak to my Art + Commerce class. He went over how to properly use HDR, Sharpening in camera RAW, how to use puppet warp, and the thing that blew me away...Content Aware Fill...sick!

The graduate and photo-alliance lecture series (held every Friday night at SFAI) was GREAT!

First speaker: Tucker Nichols who's approach to art is very unique, is commissioned by corporate and entertainment companies (like Bravo TV) to draw on their walls.

Another project he has that is worth checking out is this. It's a project where he receives claims from people (good and bad) to give to certain product companies. It is hilarious! I can't explain it, you just have to see it for yourself.

Second speaker and the man of the hour: Jack Fulton. He's such a special character and I feel lucky to have him as a professor at SFAI. His lecture had the whole room laughing. What I love about him is that he uses his background in literature and applies it to his work in a very thoughtful and funny way. What surprised me is that he has a degree in architecture, like me :)

Here's a Fulton image that I thought was beautiful and breathtaking (ignore my reflection in the image):

Also, here's the on-going process of the mural that was being worked on yesterday at school (see previous post for the work in progress image):